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I can’t say enough good things about this place. Such a great facility, awesome equipment, super spacious, but most importantly, the trainers are super knowledgable and really care about your progress and fitness goals. Having just finished our first 8 week group session, I feel stronger and am so happy to have made the move to EOA.

Meghan Pitt

The trainers here are of the highest quality – they are patient, friendly and gives useful advice. Also, an added bonus is that there is a huge artificial turf area where you can work on sport specific technical skills. The whole facility is super clean and nice, a close walk from a nearby skytrain station

Sophia Chan

This is a great facility with lots of space and lots of weights rack (and a whole bunch of other equipment). The coaches are really supportive and they know their stuff. Whether you’re looking for fitness classes or a gym I recommend checking out EOA.

Tim Pilkington

Great new location. Been working out with these trainers for several years. They just moved to a new location and the new space is amazing. Very professional and the trainers are always adding something new to their workouts. They have excellent group classes or 1on 1 sessions. Would highly recommend any of there trainers.

Kyle Libby

The staff is super knowledgeable, helpful and enthusiastic. Since the car accident 3.5 years ago, I have lost strength on my arms and constantly have pains on my shoulders and lower back. However, after having only a few sessions with the coach, I could feel the difference on my shoulders already. There are lots of equipment for you to choose as well. This is definitely a great place to workout. I’d highly recommend to everyone!!

Jennie W

Been to plenty of gyms in my day- no need to try any more. This place is well set up, has ton of room, and has 20 something squat racks so not issues there. Dean and his team are very friendly and helpful and I’ve been impressed with the measures taken to keep things worry free during COVID.

Ethan Hait


We are literally for everybody – people looking to start getting fit – athletes; weekend warriors; or just people who just want to live better, longer.