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EOA Small Group Training

At EOA we focus on 3 things: Strength, Conditioning and Experiencing new kinds of training. And our EOA classes and limited time programs are designed to deliver you the best of those three.

Our classes offer programmed combinations of strength, conditioning, mobility, flexibility, body composition optimization, skill development, coordinated movement, and recovery, all coached through structured, periodized programming, NOT just random exercises in random orders.

Class Description

We offer a number of class throughout the week, with both morning en evening SGT sessions. Please see below for group descriptions.


Essentials of Athletics is our key and primary program focusing on a professional programmed foundation of Periodization, meaning these classes have been skillfully developed to help you get the best strength, power, muscle building and conditioning results possible.

EOA moves through 5 distinct phases, each building on the adaptations and skills of the phase before it, and cycles through these 5 phases 3 times per year.

  • Phase 1: Muscle Gain.
  • Phase 2: Max Strength.
  • Phase 3: Power Development.
  • Phase 4: Conditioning. Followed by a brief “reload”
  • Phase 5: Recovery & Deload. Then this cycle begins again.

EOA Burn

EOA Burn has been designed to be our stand alone cardio, functional movement and conditioning class. This class is non-stop action from beginning to end, using everything from bodyweight, to TRX, to kettlebells, to assault bikes. If you love a good sweat, EOA BURN is for you.


For those who are long for a hard, sweat pouring, intense cross training fitness workout the official METCON at EOA is for you. From the warmup, through the Daily Workout (DW), to the post DW burn out. This class is for those who love to compete against themselves, the clock, each other, and leave it all on the gym floor.

20 Minute HIIT

You can’t ever say you “don’t have the time to workout” ever again. These quick HIIT classes use the deep science of real High Intensity Interval Training to deliver results in 1/3 the time. See members use them before their weight classes, many use them as a burn out after weights, and some just come for a fast, yet intense workout when they are low on time. Don’t be fooled by its name, 20 minutes has never felt so long or hard!

Kick I Cardio I Core

This fitness kickboxing circuit class is 40 minutes of kickboxing fun. 1/3 striking the heavy bags. 1/3 intense cardio. 1/3 core & abs. This class isn’t offered all year round, but instead pops up randomly to mix things up.

EOA EXplore - Limited Time SGT Classes

Throughout the year we offer a number of limited time classes, we simply refer to as ‘EXplore classes”.

Why EXplore? Because you literally have the opportunity to explore new styles of training not offered on the regular SGT class schedule.

Many of these are included with your membership, some cost a bit extra. Be sure to watch our website, social media, and in-gym signage for any EXplore classes beginning.

Past classes have included: Olympic Lifting / Powerlifting / Strongman / Kickboxing / Sports Specific Camps / Kettlebells / Yoga

Adult Group Classes








Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday6:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Saturday & Sunday9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
All stat holidaysClosed