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Strength - Fat Loss - Muscle Gain - Flexibility - Sports Specific

EOA has the best trainers and performance coaches in the lower mainland with a wide variety of backgrounds and educations. And we will have a coach that will suit exactly what you need.

What to expect

Having the commitment and attention of your own personal coach will ensure that each session takes you closer to your specific goals.

Define your goals

You tell us what you want. Our coaches are here to help you get any results you’re after. Regardless of how big or small your goals are, your coach will be with you for the whole journey.

Detailed assessment

We let you know what you need. As our coaches are some of the best in the fitness and physical performance industry, we are going to not only help you achieve the results you want, but help you discover a few things you may not even know you need. We watch, listen, measure, assess and reassess to make sure you only get the very best personalized coaching in BC, bar none.

Results driven plan

Together we create your plan. Once we start working together you coach will develop you a plan based on both your goals, and time commitments. Regardless if you just train occasionally with your coach to get a program refresh, or will be training side by side with your coach every single time you come on the gym floor, your program is created to you, and only you.

Tracking and refining

Measure, track, assess and re-assess. Your coach will be keeping track of all your personal fitness and foundation health stats, as well as all your exercises, and program phases. And they will be constantly assessing, re-assessing, and tweaking your program to make sure your results never stall, and make sure your training stays fun, and never feels like a chore.