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Covid Policy

Our Covid Policy

Stay up to date with our latest Covid-19 policies for our clients via our website or on our social media.

  1. All people entering EOA over the age of 12 years must have a valid government Vaccine Passport with at least 2 vaccinations and proper government issued. ID. Once we have validated your passport, it will be added to your membership and will be kept on file so you do not have to show it on future visits.
  2.  If you are experiencing any covid-19 related symptoms do not come to gym. This also applies to anyone who has left Canada in the last 14 days, or has come into contact with anyone who currently has covid.
  3.  All appointments and equipment use must be booked in advance using our Achieve booking app. This has been our policy well before the pandemic, and will stay permanently as a service we provide.
  4.  Masks must be worn at all times in the gym, except while you are working out in your reserved equipment zone.
  5.  You must check-in with front desk when you enter the building. You may only enter the building through our primary main door and exit through the two marked exit doors. Front desk staff will ask you a few covid related questions upon entering our gym, as well as having you sanitize your hands.
  6.  You will be given a towel to clean all your equipment once you have finished with it, as well as having sanitizing spray available on the gym floor, and in all common areas. A bin has been placed by the main gym exit door fr all used towels.
  7. We ask that you maintain a MINIMUM distance of 6 feet apart, and do NOT share power racks or equipment.
  8. We maintain a capacity of only 25% of maximal capacity, well under the governments recommendation capacity limits.
  9. These policies may change without notice upon any updates in government regulations.


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