Join Our 6-Week Kickstart Challenge!


Looking to kickstart your fitness journey in the best way possible? Check out our 6- Week Fitness Kickstart Challenge.


  • 40+ Days of Fun Small Group Fitness Classes to get you rapid results without spending hours in a gym or trying to figure it all out on your own.

  • UNLIMITED Classes! Workout early mornings, late mornings, and evenings! Weekdays and weekends!

  • Full-access to our Open Gym so you can squeeze in extra workouts, or do your own thing if you’re just not feeling like joining your class that day.

  • 4 X 100% private, one-on-one, Power Hour sessions with an EOA coach to make sure you get the best from your kickstart.

  • Access to our limited time EXplore fitness specialty classes and programs.

  • Your own personalized ‘6-Weeks To Success Roadmap’ to make sure you

    get only the absolute best results.

  • Nutritional Guidance.

  • Tons of Accountability, Motivation, Education & Support from our expert coaches and pro-fitness team.

  • An awesome likeminded Community, so that you’ll NEVER feel like just a “number” when you come in.

  • Body Composition Scan that will give you a complete picture of your body instead of just some useless number on a scale.

  • Weight and Body Metric Progress Tracker to make sure that you’re always making progress in the healthiest and most sustainable way possible.

  • A private “Next Step” Strategy Session at the end of your 6 weeks with your coach to make sure we help you get the best from your continuing fitness, weight loss, and health journey.

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